Work: Bebek (proposed)

Bebek is a Venezuelan company that specializes on catering to modern, knowledgeable parents by providing safe, stylish, innovative and affordable high-quality baby products.The company is growing and interested in expanding to other markets like North America, Europe and Asia.

Below are some examples of the proposed ideas included in the Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC), to increase brand awareness in the US. They are the results of combining the target demographic, the product, the influence of social media, their current aesthetic trends, and the (very important) emotional element associated with baby products.





(Note: is not their actual webpage address, but it is in the print ads since it was part of the recommendations included in the IMC)

USA & Latin America in social media


Social media world


USA & Latin America, two very different regions when it comes to social media

If you’re still debating whether Latin America (LATAM) is a market you should approach, consideration should be given to the region’s constant economic growth, the growth of middle class, and its ability to overcome economic and social crisis during a global financial depression.

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Social media is NOT a magical sales generator

One annoyed coffee-infused post coming up.


IBM released a report showing that social network sites generated only 0.34% of sales during Black Friday (Twitter generated 0.00%), and people started to make a big deal about it, and labeling them a marketing failure. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody since it is clear people don’t use social media for that purpose (not to mention that, out of the whole year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two days people do the most research).

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We got the website and the blog up and running, Facebooktwitter and youtube profiles, the business cards, the office …we are ready to go!

Except that, according to this Cracked article, one of the things all “cool” offices have is a dog. Since we got both cat and dog people in the office and we are in elections season, we decided to turn this absurd and inconsequential decision into a #WeekendProject and ask everybody to help us decide.

So whether you love cats or dogs, feed off all that political partisan energy and support your favorite candidate by voting here and campaigning everywhere.











Thank you!

Predatory Thinking

Quick post to mention a website that has become a source of inspiration for us here at locomotif,

This website is dedicated to collecting and sharing examples of what they call “predatory thinking”, which it’s describe as “writing the rules on your terms, rather than following someone else’s; it’s about changing behavior through reframing a story or changing the context; it’s about seeking unfair advantage to outmaneuver the competition.”

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