Predatory Thinking

Quick post to mention a website that has become a source of inspiration for us here at locomotif,

This website is dedicated to collecting and sharing examples of what they call “predatory thinking”, which it’s describe as “writing the rules on your terms, rather than following someone else’s; it’s about changing behavior through reframing a story or changing the context; it’s about seeking unfair advantage to outmaneuver the competition.”

Here is one of the stories featured on the website:

“Honda was the market leader in motorbikes in California.
They were running a huge poster campaign.
It featured a shot of their motorbike, traveling left to right, and the headline HONDA: FOLLOW THE LEADER.
Yamaha quickly bought all the poster sites to the right of Honda’s.
They put up a picture of their bike traveling in the same direction, apparently in front of Honda.
The headline said YAMAHA: DON’T FOLLOW ANYONE”

The shift of advertising from print, to radio, to tv, to web, to guerrilla marketing, to mobile (and whatever we come up with tomorrow), or any combination between them is the result of a Darwinian process forcing us to constantly evolve in order to survive, to stay relevant.

Predatory thinking is essential for any type of business, and it is what motivated us to start our own creative boutique: generating big ideas with no mayor resources; to reject previous experiences as templates, and start building truly innovative campaigns from scratch.

This is both challenging and gratifying, but since there are no rules, it is up to us to decide what is possible and what isn’t. To accomplish that we have to keep a hungry mindset, always exploring and learning while being proactive, smart, critical and independent.

Hopefully one of our ideas will appear on it soon.

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