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Predatory Thinking

Quick post to mention a website that has become a source of inspiration for us here at locomotif,

This website is dedicated to collecting and sharing examples of what they call “predatory thinking”, which it’s describe as “writing the rules on your terms, rather than following someone else’s; it’s about changing behavior through reframing a story or changing the context; it’s about seeking unfair advantage to outmaneuver the competition.”

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Profitable creativity


There’s a discussion about the how important it is for brands to win an award at the Cannes Lions (for agencies the answer is obvious), and how effective a creative/artistic campaign is. Some say there’s no benefit, but others like Jonathan Mildenhall, VP of global advertising strategy for Coca-Cola, makes a case for it here through the best business language possible, earning and market share figures.

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[WeekendProject] Mousetrap car…thing…ad.

[WeekendProject] will be a series featuring projects we’ll do on the weekends (shocker) when we feel like playing around with ideas and/or concepts.

This weekend we made a video for our little sister’s project, which consisted on making and selling a car that had to be propelled by a mousetrap only.

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